10 Awesome Cinemagraphs for the Week

Cinemagraphs are still photographs with a bit of modifications wherein a small part moves repeatedly like the photos in the Harry Potter world. Here are some of the most awesome cinemagraphs this week.

Cinemagraph: Globe
cinemagraph 1
Cinemagraph: Hands Up
cinemagraph 2
Cinemagraph: Train
cinemagraph 3
Cinemagraph: Lumberjack
cinemagraph 4
Cinemagraph: Warehouse
cinemagraph 5
Cinemagraph: The Hunt
cinemagraph 6
Cinemagraph: A Rainy Night
cinemagraph 7
Cinemagraph: App
cinemagraph 8
Cinemagraph: The Festival
cinemagraph 9
Cinemagraph: Story Time
cinemagraph 10

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