5 Prehistoric Inventions in 30,000 BC

Ever wondered what our ancestors came up with in 30,000 BC? How do they stack up with the inventions of the present world? Let’s find out.

Bow and Arrow
prehistoric bow and arrow

Bows and arrows were depicted in cave paintings from 30,000 bc onward. Unfortunately, no actual examples survive today. By 18,000 bc, arrows were equipped with flint points and were primarily used to hunt and kill animals. Later, the bow came into use as a major military weapon and became deadly to people, too.


Of course, the bow and arrow pales in comparison to the guns of today. Guns have superior speed, rate of fire, and firepower. But without the bow and arrow, the guns would have never been conceptualized. Thank you primitive men, thank you. Still, Modern Man: 1 – Primitive Man: 0

Cave Painting
cave paintings

Our ancestors were always into art. However, the paintings made by people who lived more than 30,000 years went forgotten and unnoticed until 1879, when a little girl named Maria de Sautuola, visited the caves at Altamira in Spain with her father. She noticed the huge paintings of animals high above her head. From then, earlier paintings have been discovered at Chauvet in France. The artists of these prehistoric paintings had to invent paint, brushes, scaffolding, and even artificial lighting before they could begin painting.

mona lisa

The cave paintings are not up to par with the works of da Vinci or Picasso but they’re a beauty to look at no matter what. However, Modern Man: 2 – Primitive Man: 0

prehistoric rope

It is difficult to say exactly when people first started to make rope because few early examples have survived, except in bogs, where the acid water has stopped it from rotting. But some early drawings and sculptures show it in use. It has also sometimes been preserved as an impression in clay, as in the caves of Lascaux, where archaeologists found evidence of a rope braided from three plant fibers. One early use of rope was for making nets and snares for catching food. A timeless invention that is still very important to this modern world. Modern Man: 2 – Primitive Man: 1


The artists who created the cave paintings at Altamira in Spain, Lascaux in France, and in other places, probably put colour on to the walls in several different ways, including spitting it out. Some of the effects they produced must have needed a paintbrush. At its simplest, this could have been a twig chewed at one end to separate the fibers, but the world’s first interior decorators may also have used bunches of feathers or bristles.
paint apps

Today, you can paint on your smartphone, tablet or computer. And, you don’t need any paint or canvas or brush to create art! Modern Man: 3 – Primitive Man: 1

prehistoric house

It took our ancestors thousands of years to figure out that we needed a house, but at least they did. Man started to build houses about 30,000 years ago, but most people (those who didn’t have the know-how to build a house or were just too lazy to build one) lived in shelters or caves. They also built simple huts, in which they probably lived for some time before moving on to find food. At Dolnì Vestonice in the Czech Republic, archaeologists have found the remains of houses built from stone, wood, and mammoth bones, dating from about 25,000 bc. Their creativity in making the early houses even with limited tools is very impressive. Not a lot of people can do that nowadays.Modern Man: 3 – Primitive Man: 2

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