Interesting Dino Facts: The Stegosaurus



Alias:Roof Lizard
Era:Late Jurassic period, 150 MYA
Found in: Forests and vegetated plains
Lived in: Europe and Eastern North America

The stegosaurus was one of the most gentle creatures that lived during the reign of the dinosaurs. Despite keeping a low profile in order to avoid being eaten by the carnivores, the Stegosaurus still was a pretty interesting creature. Here are some fun facts:

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  • The Stegosaurus weighed about 5,000kg which is absolutely heavy. That’s about half as much as a double-decker bus.

  • The Stegosaurus had 17 plates that was located along its back. Experts speculate that the back plates may have functioned as a type of air conditioning system. Air cooled the blood running through the plates.

  • The spike at the end of a Stegosaurus’s tail was called a thagomiser and could have been used to keep predators at bay. Given its slow movement, its tail was its primary method to ward of attackers.

  • Its short, stumpy legs meant that the Stegosaurus could barely walk faster than a human being. It also didn’t help that it weighed so heavy.

  • It was not a very smart dinosaur. Though it had a huge body, its head was tiny. It had a brain no larger than a dog’s.

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