Interesting Facts About the T-Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Alias: (‘Tyrant lizard king’); T-Rex


Era:Cretaceous period, 67-66 MYA

Found in: Western North America

Lived in: Forests with swamps and rivers.
Despite the fact that it is one bad dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most popular of them all. If you would ask kids and adults to name one dino, most of them would say “T-Rex!”. This is proof that not only girls are attracted to bad boys. In order to get to know our T-Rex a bit more, we present to you some brief facts about this beloved killer.

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  • The T-rex had a respectable life span. Though it could not live as long as humans, it was able to live for up to 30 years (longer than the average life of a dog).

  • The secret to how the T-Rex was able to move was its tail. It had a huge head, leading many researchers to question how this big dude was able to roam the lands. Its huge head was balanced by its heavy tail thus allowing it to be able to stalk its prey with very little trouble.

  • Although T-rex’s arms were cute and small, each with two claws, they were strong, able to grip prey or push itself off the floor.

  • T-rex may have had feathers on at least part of its giant body, just like a bird. No, it couldn’t fly.

  • The largest T-rex skulls ever to be found are 1 .5m across, and some of the T-rex teeth were up to 30cm long.

  • T-rex may have had one of the most vicious bites of any animal to have lived, many times stronger than lions and sharks and capable of crunching bone and ripping apart its prey.

  • The jaws of the T-rex were so powerful, they could crunch through flesh and bone.

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