Magellan Circumnavigated the Truth

If you know Magellan, you might know him for all the wrong reasons. Were you told in your history class that he circumnavigated the globe? What was his purpose? What really happened? Let’s reveal the truth shall we.

magellan ship
Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese captain who offered his services to the mighty empire of Spain. Did he circumnavigate the globe? Noooooo! Not only did he fail miserably to circumnavigate the globe, it wasn’t even the point of his damn voyage in the first place! Magellan set out with five ships and was tasked to find a safe way to the Spice Islands. (Home of the spice girls perhaps?)

magellan and lapu lapu
However, the three-year tour eventually turned into a horror show of storms, mutiny, starvation, and war. Magellan was then killed in the Philippines by natives when they came to the shore of the Filipinos. Their poor ships had to be burned and left behind and crew members who were not killed were captured. Mercifully, in 1522, one remaining ship limped into a Spanish harbor with fewer than twenty of the original crew members aboard. They lived to tell the tale but were never paid their full wages.

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