People Who Married Weird Inanimate Things

Love is weird at times. It happens in the strangest of places and bonds even the most unlikely couples. It knows no bounds. It conquers all. It knows no logic. It overrides the brain. And if the brain gives in to love, weird things usually occur. Like when Mr. Lee Jin of Korea decided to follow his heart and marry a fluffy pillow.

lee jin korea

But hey, at least they’re having fun right? Just take a look at Jin’s hand… Dude, get a room.

lee jin korea pillow

If Mr. Lee Jin likes soft and fluffy things, Eija Riitta wants them sturdy and hard (just like most women want it).

eija riitta berlin wall

It was love at first touch for Eija as she was smitten by the Berlin wall. From the moment she laid her hands on that smooth concrete, she knew that he was the one.

eija riitta

Just like most happy endings, Eija decided to tie the knot and Mr. Wall had no other choice but to comply with the ceremonies.

You might not know this, but the Eiffel Tower is actually happily married. Mr. Tower has exchanged vows (I don’t know how that’s even possible) with Erika La Tour.

erika la tour Eiffel tower

Above, you can see the couple just hanging out like any other normal couple.

Erika La Tour Eiffel Tower

While in this pic, you can see them kissing. Like any other normal couple.

Davecat also makes the list of people marrying weird inanimate things. But he probably has the most good-looking partner among those in this post. Just have a look at this photo:

davecat doll

Here, he is seen having a date with Sidore, a RealDoll. It ain’t hard to see why he fell in love with her right?

davecat realdoll

Sidore has almost all the traits that a man could wish for in a woman – fair complexion, red pouty lips, voluptuous body, purple hair, doesn’t run her mouth like an AK-47, submissive, doesn’t bite, no monthly periods…

Don’t expect their love story to end any time soon.

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