The Lava Flow of Mount Kilauea

Alison Teal Surfing Near a Volcano in Hawaii
Alison Teal Surfing Near a Volcano in Hawaii

Alison Teal, also known as the Female Indiana Jones loves to go on extreme adventures that only a few men dare to try. She’s willing to lose life and limb in order to experience the thrill of danger. The daredevil’s latest stint is a surfing gig next to the Lava Flow of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii. You read that right. That’s a Volcano. She’s playing right at the backyard of death.

What do you do when there’s a volcanic eruption? You run like hell, what else? That’s what a normal person would do. But not Alison. She’s not like you and me. She has capabilities beyond that of a normal human being. She celebrates the event, treating it like fireworks during the Fourth of July. Fortunately for us, photographer Perrin James has captured Alison’s extreme escapades near the volcano. Here’s the gallery:

Alison is still alive in case you’re wondering. And she’s now currently enjoying another extreme adventure in a place full of danger.

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