The Spinning Lady

I’ve always found illusions to be interesting. For that reason,
we officially launch with one of the most famous illusions around.

This optical illusion will really mess with your mind.
Though it’s kinda old and has been around the internet for a long time now,
it’s still one of the best optical illusions out there. It shows three continuously
spinning ladies. Look exclusively at the lady at the center by covering the left and
right images with your hands and tell whether she’s spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.
spinning lady animated gif
Actually, this animated gif could go either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Your challenge now is to tell your brain to make her spin counterclockwise
(if you see her spinning clockwise) and vise versa just by looking at the center spinning lady.

Having trouble? Don’t fret. If you wanna make her spin clockwise,
look at the left-most spinning image. If you want to make her spin
counterclockwise, simply look to the right-most spinning lady.

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