Weird Marriages: People Who Married Animals

Have you ever heard of crossbreeding? It’s when two animals of different breeds copulate. But have you ever heard of two different species eloping? Have you ever seen a dog have intercourse with a chimpanzee? I haven’t. But have you seen humans doing something naughty with animals? I have. It makes you wonder what’s happening to this damn world.

Man from Sudan Marries a Goat

charles tombe
This strange incident involves Sudanese Charles Tombe. One fateful day, Charles Tombe had an urge to have sexual intercourse just like every other man. But his urge was strange. He wanted a goat. He selected the most beautiful goat he could find in a farm and proceeded with the act. The goat’s owner eventually caught Charles doing the deed and immediately subdued him.

As punishment, Charles Tombe was forced to marry the goat that he deflowered. The goat was named Rose. Their marriage was short lived though as the goat died a year later because of choking from a plastic bag.

British Woman Marries a Dolphin

sharon tendler
Sharon Tendler, a Jewish millionaire married Cindy, a male dolphin in December 2005. Upon marrying the dolphin, she proclaimed that she was the happiest girl on earth and that it was a dream come true to marry a dolphin.

A German Married His Dying Cat

german married a cat
Uwe Mitzscherlich, unofficially married his cat after finding out from vets that it might not live much longer due to an illness. He paid an actress to officiate the ceremony. Uwe and his cat have lived together for 10 years and developed a strong bond. Before the cat’s demise, Uwe decided to tie the knot.

Orissa Woman Marries a Snake

woman marries a snake
Bimbala Das married a snake as per Hindu rituals at Atala village of Orissa’s Khurda district. Over 2,000 people attended the procession to celebrate the event.

Bimbala Das claimed to have fallen in love with a cobra that lives in an ant hill near her home. Bimbala claimed that whenever she would put milk near the ant hill, the cobra would come out to drink every time.

When Bimbala disclosed her idea of marrying a snake, the villagers approved as they believed that it would bring good fortune to their place. However, the Cobra was not around during the marriage so a brass replica of a serpent was kept by the side of the woman instead.

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